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hawk-i Dental Program

hawk-i Dental Benefits Program through Delta Dental of Iowa

Delta Dental of Iowa is the primary administrator of the hawk-i dental benefits program.  For more information on the hawk-i dental program through Delta Dental of Iowa, click on the links below.

Find a hawk-i Dentist - In order to be eligible for hawk-i dental benefits, you must visit a participating dentist in the Delta Dental Premier network.  Participating dentists will indicate "hawk-i" under the Plans Accepted section.  

View Your Dental Benefits - Summary of services and benefits covered under the hawk-i dental program or you can visit our secure Member Portal to see your coverage and claims.

ID Cards - Delta Dental of Iowa will send you a welcome packet that will include your ID card. You can also print an ID card from our secure Member Portal.

hawk-i Orthodontic Services - The hawk-i program covers orthodontic services. These benefits are only available if they are considered medically necessary.  Additionally, you must see a participating hawk-i orthodontic panel dentist. Participating hawk-i orthodontic providers will be listed as "

To find a participating hawk-i orthodontic provider, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the hawk-i Dentist Search.
  2. Enter your city or zip code.
  3. Click on "Expand Search Criteria" from the hawk-i Dentist Search Results page.
  4. Select "Orthodontist" from the Specialty section.

Please note, dentists will be listed as "hawk-i Ortho" under the Plans Accepted section.  Be sure to confirm hawk-i orthodontic panel participation directly with the dentist at the time of service.

Orthodontia for cosmetic reasons are not covered.

Below are some scenarios of when orthodontic services may or may not be benefited:

  • Your middle-school-age child has a significant overbite with several teeth out of position that makes it difficult for him or her to chew. This condition may harm your child's health. So, it may be considered for benefits. Talk with your dentist to find out more.
  • Your middle-school age child is embarrassed of his or her smile because of crooked teeth but the jaws are acceptably aligned. This condition is not an immediate health concern. It does not qualify for the benefit.

Dentist Appointments - The ID printed on the front of the card will be used by your provider to file claims with Delta Dental.  Make sure you are visiting a dentist participating in the Delta Dental network and tell the dentist you are a hawk-i  member covered by Delta Dental.  

If you have questions regarding this information or any other questions related to your dental benefits, please contact us at 800-544-0718.  

For hawk-i Dentists and Participating Offices

Effective February 1, 2016, view your hawk-i patient eligiblity, benefits and claims at the hawk-i Dentist Portal.

Offices and dentists participating in the hawk-i program you may need to complete a risk assessment form or other documentation when submitting claims. Go to the Resources area of the secure Dentist Connection.

For more information on the hawk-i Program

More information on the hawk-i program can be found on www.InsureKidsNow.gov.


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