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Make Flossing Fun for Kids

By Jill Hamilton on February 17, 2015 in Kid's Health

Kid at the dentist

Once a child has two teeth that are touching, it is important to begin flossing. As tired as we are from the toothbrush tantrums and spit struggles, creativity can go a long way, especially when it comes to a bit of floss. 

Pajama parties: Encourage your little one to host a PJ soiree, call over a few kids from the neighborhood and organize a fun ceremony for brushing and flossing. Kids will love the new twist to the otherwise boring activity. 

Give rewards: Kids love it when there is something fun at the end of a task. So put up a chart and use a sticker after each flossing session. At the end of each week, reward them with a trinket or treat. 

Puppet show: Make some hand puppets that represent teeth, food particles and plaque. Put on a puppet show with a story line and music (no matter how ridiculous the lyrics). Follow us on Pinterest for more kid-themed dental health fun! 

How do you make flossing fun for your kids? Share your ideas in the comments section.