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COVID-19 Reopening Support Payment for Dentists

Reopening Support Payment

Program Update (5.13.20): 

As dental offices begin to reopen, we understand that you and your staff face new challenges to safely provide patients the same great care you always have. Delta Dental of Iowa is here to support you as you begin this new normal.

To help you get your practice ready to serve patients again, we are introducing the Reopening Support Payment. Below are details on the payment:

  • Participating network (Premier, PPO) dentists will receive $10 for each claim they file for Delta Dental of Iowa members. We are still finalizing payments for DWP and Hawki members.
  • The support payment will apply to services members receive between May 1 and August 31, 2020.
  • These support payments will be applied to all claims and there is no need to submit for payment.
  • The first payments will begin around June 15.

For more details on payment, see our frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please contact our professional relations team at 800-544-0718 or

Claim Denials

If you have experienced any claim denials for timely filing during this outbreak period beginning March 1, 2020, please submit an inquiry via the Dentist Connection for our review. 

Advance Claims Payment for Dentists Program (ACPP)

Program Update (5.1.20): The Advance Claims Payment for Dentists program has ended at this time. 

Program Update (4.7.20): Deadline extended to April 30, 2020. Please complete the form below or email completed application by April 30, 2020.

To support Iowa dentists during the COVID-19 situation, Delta Dental of Iowa is introducing the Advance Claims Payment Program (ACPP). This program will allow dentists to receive up to 50% of their average weekly claims payment in advance for four weeks. These advance payments are interest-free and will be recovered over a 20-week period beginning in July. Please see below for further details or contact us at or call 800-544-0718.


  • Participate in at least one of Delta Dental of Iowa’s networks (Premier, PPO, DWP, Hawki).
  • In “good standing” with Delta Dental of Iowa and the Iowa Dental Board.
  • Office must be located in Iowa.
  • Licensed Iowa dentist.

Program Specifics:

  • Each dental office can request up to 50% of their average weekly Delta Dental of Iowa claims payment. Please contact, Donna Glanz 515-261-5533, or Kyla Cairns 515-261-5638 to assist with your average weekly claims value.
  • Complete the ACPP Application by April 30 and Delta Dental will send you the ACPP contract.
  • The dental clinic owner should read and sign the Delta Dental Advance Claims Payment Program Contract.
  • Payments will begin the week after the signed contract is accepted for four consecutive weeks.
  • Recoupment of the advance will occur over 20-weeks starting with the July 6 check run and finish on the Nov 16 check run.
  • The recoupment will be equally divided amongst the 20 check runs or 1/20th of the total claims advancement.
  • We recommend that you contact your accountant for any tax advice you may need on the claims payment advance.


An office that averages $5,000 in claims payment from Delta Dental of Iowa will be able to request $2,500 per week over four weeks for a total of $10,000. Starting with the July 6 check run, Delta Dental would then begin the recoupment of $500 per week (1/20th of $10,000) from current claims. This would continue until the November 16 check run.