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COVID-19 Advance Claims Payment for Dentists

Program Update (4.7.20): Deadline extended to April 30, 2020. Please complete the form below or email completed application by April 30, 2020.

To support Iowa dentists during the COVID-19 situation, Delta Dental of Iowa is introducing the Advance Claims Payment Program (ACPP). This program will allow dentists to receive up to 50% of their average weekly claims payment in advance for four weeks. These advance payments are interest-free and will be recovered over a 20-week period beginning in July. Please see below for further details or contact us at or call 800-544-0718.


  • Participate in at least one of Delta Dental of Iowa’s networks (Premier, PPO, DWP, Hawki).
  • In “good standing” with Delta Dental of Iowa and the Iowa Dental Board.
  • Office must be located in Iowa.
  • Licensed Iowa dentist.

Program Specifics:

  • Each dental office can request up to 50% of their average weekly Delta Dental of Iowa claims payment. Please contact, Donna Glanz 515-261-5533, or Kyla Cairns 515-261-5638 to assist with your average weekly claims value.
  • Complete the ACPP Application by April 30 and Delta Dental will send you the ACPP contract.
  • The dental clinic owner should read and sign the Delta Dental Advance Claims Payment Program Contract.
  • Payments will begin the week after the signed contract is accepted for four consecutive weeks.
  • Recoupment of the advance will occur over 20-weeks starting with the July 6 check run and finish on the Nov 16 check run.
  • The recoupment will be equally divided amongst the 20 check runs or 1/20th of the total claims advancement.
  • We recommend that you contact your accountant for any tax advice you may need on the claims payment advance.


An office that averages $5,000 in claims payment from Delta Dental of Iowa will be able to request $2,500 per week over four weeks for a total of $10,000. Starting with the July 6 check run, Delta Dental would then begin the recoupment of $500 per week (1/20th of $10,000) from current claims. This would continue until the November 16 check run.

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