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HHS extends deadline for Provider Relief Funds

On July 10, HHS announced that dentists who were not previously eligible for relief can now receive a payment of up to 2% of their annual patient revenue through the Provider Relief Fund (PRF). Until now, the only dentists eligible for PRF funding were those treating patients in Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP.

HHS has not provided any limitations on the newly eligible dentists, only that they meet the terms and conditions of the fund, haven't previously received payments from the PRF, and attest to payment.

Eligible dentists will now have until August 3, 2020 to apply for funding through the Enhanced Provider Relief Fund Payment Portal.

o apply for grants from the Provider Relief Fund to Monday, August 3. Utilization of the fund has been lower than expected. Through July 14 only 3,600 Medicaid, CHIP, and dental providers had applied for relief, accounting for $142 million of the $15 billion allocated.