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Dental Savings for Coral West patients without Insurance

Coral West Dental

Chewsi is the newest way to save on your dental care from Delta Dental of Iowa, a name you can trust.

Patient at dentistBacked by Delta Dental, the largest dental benefits carrier in Iowa and the U.S., Chewsi is the easy way to save at the dentist. Chewsi members can save an average of 10% to 24% on all types of dental services without having to pay a monthly or annual fee. And with no waiting periods, you can start saving today at Coral West Dental.

To enroll with Chewsi, please complete the account registration form on the right. Upon form submission, a confirmation email will be sent to activate your account.

How Chewsi works

  1. Fill out the registration form (on the right) or download the Chewsi app to create an account.
  2. Schedule your dental appointment and let Coral West Dental know you are a Chewsi patient.
  3. After your appointment, you will pay for your services through your Chewsi account - by text, email, app or by logging into the Chewsi website.

Chewsi payment options

After approving your charge, a digital receipt can be found in your account itemizing your appointment charges and savings.

Learn why enrolling in Chewsi benefits you and Coral West Dental.

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Sign up for Chewsi today!

Complete the form below to create your Chewsi account and start saving on your dental care.  


Access to affordable dental care

“We know not every employee is eligible to participate in an employer sponsored insurance benefits program. We want to do our part to encourage dental visits through access to affordable dental care with Chewsi.”

-Jeff Russell, President and CEO of Delta Dental of Iowa.