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Savings on dental care for Waldinger Employees

The Waldinger Corporation

The Waldinger Corporation through its partnership with Delta Dental of Iowa is able to offer you and your family Chewsi. 

Chewsi is a free discount dental program that enables savings from 10% to 24% on all dental services without an annual fee or waiting period through participating Des Moines area dental practices.

Waldinger employees are eligible for these savings when you pay for your next dental visit through your Chewsi account.  

To enroll with Chewsi, please complete the account registration form. Upon form submission, a confirmation email will be sent to activate your account.  

How Chewsi Works

  1. Click here to find a participating central Iowa dentist who accepts Chewsi.
  2. Schedule an appointment and mention you will be using Chewsi.
  3. After your scheduled appointment, the dental practice will send a payment request to your Chewsi account. You can view and approve the charges three ways; through our click to approve text, through our App (if downloaded to your phone) or through your online account at Chewsi Dental.

A digital receipt will be posted to your account itemizing your appointment charges and savings.

Learn more about Chewsi. 

Learn more about using Chewsi

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Sign up for Chewsi Today!

Get access to appointment and treatment discounts at participating dental practices without paying a monthly premium. 

Access to Affordable Dental Care.

“We know not every employee is eligible to participate in an employer sponsored insurance benefits program. We want to do our part to encourage dental visits through access to affordable dental care with Chewsi.”

-Jeff Russell, President and CEO of Delta Dental of Iowa.

Featured Des Moines Area Participating Practices

  • Lush Family Dental
  • Kimball & Beecher Family Dentistry
  • West Lakes Family Dentistry
  • Ingersoll Dental Group
  • Berkshire Dental
  • Advanced Family Dentistry