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Grant Funding Programs

To meet its mission and vision, the Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation board has developed two visionary long-term goals that focus on improving the oral health of Iowa’s children and seniors by 2020.  

Grant funding for all projects will focus on four critical contributor areas.  For more information on the Foundation's strategic goals and the core oral health contributors, click here


Toothbrush Donation Program - Request Toothbrushes
Request Toothbrushes for Your Organization

This program is designed for oral health projects requesting toothbrushes, toothpaste and/or floss needed to support oral health programs. 

Applications will be accepted from not-for-profit organizations on a rolling basis throughout the year and must include an oral health education component.

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Smart Smiles® in School  - Request Kit
Request Smart Smiles® in School Oral Health Kit for Your Organization

Teaching children the importance of proper oral hygiene is needed to develop a lifetime of healthy smiles. Smart Smiles® in School is an oral health teaching kit designed to be an engaging and interactive curriculum for students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. 

The kit includes:

  • Land of Smiles DVD
  • Classroom activities and lesson plans
  • Take-home education materials and activity sheets
  • A science experiment to demonstrate how cavities are formed 

Smart Smile kits are available for health professionals and intended for outreach education on an ongoing basis in schools, child care centers and other child-focused community-based organizations.

Smart Smiles in School Kit

Please note: One (1) Smart Smiles® in School kit may be requested per not-for-profit organization.

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Small Mini Grants - Up to $3,500
Up to $3,500

This program is designed for oral health projects requesting $3,500 or less for requests materials to support oral health programs.  These can include education supplies, incentives and oral health supplies.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.  Requests will be first come, first served and only one request per agency per service area (i.e. county) per year will be considered.  The Foundation strongly encourages collaboration within agency programs when submitting Small Mini Grant applications.

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Large Mini Grants - $3,501 to $25,000
$3,501 to $25,000

Large Mini Grants are intended to:

    • Support one-time only projects such as workshops or conferences related to oral health
    • Support short-term oral health projects of up to one-year duration such as a survey, data collection or research study
    • Stimulate potential for a longer-term, follow-up project or replication
    • Combine with funding from other sources 

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Small Contributor Grants - $25,001 to $49,999
$25,001 to $49,999

Small Contributor Grants are intended to:

  • Focus on one or more of the Foundation’s contributor areas
  • Support oral health projects that can be replicated in various areas of the state.
  • Support oral health projects that can reduce barriers to care or provide insight into access to care issues.
  • Focus on an enhancement to existing projects to provide a larger impact.
  • Focus on stakeholder engagement and learning communities.
  • Combine with other sources.

To encourage creative, proactive approaches that can contribute to long-term strategies as they develop, applications for Small Contributor Grants will be accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

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Large Contributor Grants - $50,000 and above
$50,000 and above

Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation Large Grant contributions focus on the following initiatives:

  • Educational projects to enhance the awareness of good oral health with a focus on children, the elderly, the indigent, and at risk populations.
  • Preventive outreach activities that are aimed to decrease the incidence, prevalence, and severity of dental disease.
  • Research efforts to improve dental health, specifically those that address a prevalent dental disease or issue of significant impact to Iowans.
  • Dental care accessibility and affordability projects that provide assistance to underserved areas and populations of Iowa.
  • Preventive programs that are population based or target the identified  populations the Foundation’s vision seeks to address
  • Other programs that align with the Foundation’s mission and vision to advance the public interest objectives and initiatives of the Foundation or that coincide with the stated goals of Healthy Iowans 2020.
  • Focus on stakeholder engagement and learning communities.

2017 Large Contributor Grant Cycle Timeline
Spring Cycle

  • January 27 – Letter of Interest due
  • February 17 - Foundation subcommittee reviews and provides feedback to grantee
  • March 10 – Large Grant Application Due
  • April 28 - In-person presentation to Foundation Board

Fall Cycle

  • August 4 - Letter of Interest due
  • September 8 - Foundation subcommittee reviews and provides feedback to grantee
  • October 6 - Large Grant Application Due
  • November 17 - In-person presentation to Foundation Board
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Community Water Fluoridation Grants - Up to $25,000
Up to $25,000

The Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation, in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Public Health, has established a Community Fluoridation Award to support continuation or assist in fluoridation of public water supplies in Iowa communities.  Awards up to $25,000 may be given annually to Iowa communities demonstrating the greatest need for fluoridation.  Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served ongoing basis.


  • Applicant communities must complete the application, indicating population served, amount of fluoride deficiency, and commitment to five-year sustainability of fluoridation program.
  • Community must demonstrate in the application process a good faith effort to use the award for community water fluoridation and any other requirements from the Iowa DNR regarding your construction permit.
  • Priority will be given to communities with the highest level of deficiency and serving the highest number of children.
  • Community award winners will be notified by Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation and an outcomes report will be required after one year of the grant period.
  • Community award winners will commit to submit at least one split sample per month to any State of Iowa (DNR) Certified Lab for the analysis of fluoride in drinking water during the five-year period of the grant. If a water system operated by a grantee serves fewer than 500 persons, the frequency of sample submission shall be at least once per calendar quarter. The results of this analysis shall be reported to the Iowa Department of Public Health monthly.
  • A public water supply construction permit must be obtained from the Iowa DNR prior to the construction or modification of any source, treatment, storage, or distribution system of a public water supply system. To obtain a construction permit, the following must be submitted to the Iowa DNR Water Supply Engineering Section: the project's plans and specifications, the applicable construction permit application schedules, and the appropriate permit fee. The public water supply construction permit must be obtained prior to application; however the cost of the permit can be included in the proposed budget. The necessary forms are available at http://www.iowadnr.gov/InsideDNR/RegulatoryWater/WaterSupplyEngineering/ConstructionPermits.aspx.
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Graduate Student Thesis Award Program - Up to $15,000
Up to $15,000
Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation invites graduate students at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry to submit proposals for the Graduate Student Thesis Award Program.  This program is intended to encourage thesis research that is of direct relevance to the costs, utilization or outcomes of dental care.

The Graduate Student Thesis Award offers up to $15,000 to cover the associated costs with conducting master’s or doctorate thesis research.  Applications may be submitted at any time.

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More Information - Contact Information for Foundation Staff
Contact Information for Foundation Staff

For more information about the Delta Dental of Iowa Public Benefit Program, contact:


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