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Educator's Trust

Select your schools dental and vision plan by March 31, 2021.

Through the Educator’s Trust, your school has the option to offer dental and vision plans to your employees. These plans can be offered at no-cost to your school (voluntary) or you can contribute towards your employee’s premiums (contributory).  


Delta Dental Plan Options

You can choose to offer any of four dental plans.

DeltaVision Plan Options

You can choose to offer any of three vision plans.

Learn More About Your Dental Plan

Learn More About Your Vision Plan

Additional Benefits

As a Delta Dental member, you have access to additional benefits. 

  • Hearing Discount - information on hearing discount exclusive to Delta Dental members. 
  • Contacts Direct - get discounted prices for contacts and use code "DELTAVISION" for free shipping.  

Getting the Most Out of Your Benefits

Taking care of your dental and vision health improves your overall health. Make the most of your benefits by going to an in-network dentist and eye doctor. Learn more about our networks. 

Healthy & Happy Smiles

Your mouth and vision play a vital role in your overall health, which is why Delta Dental encourages preventive checkups in our coverage.  

  • A Healthy Life - our blog includes the latest health information to maintain a healthy life. 
  • Oral Health Library - index of common oral health terms. 
  • Resources - more information on Delta Dental and using your benefits. 

Call us if you have specific questions on your benefits.


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