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Healthy Smile. Healthy Eyes. Healthy You.

Delta Dental is different than other dental and vision insurance providers because we’re dedicated to health and wellness. Your mouth and vision play a vital role in your overall health, which is why Delta Dental emphasizes consistent checkups in our coverage. We strive to meet your health needs while keeping your costs down.

Embracing Prevention. Improving Your Health.

One way that Delta Dental helps keep costs low while getting you the care you need is by staying up to date on the latest medical science. Recent studies indicate that the sooner you focus on identifying health issues, the more you can save in future health care costs. Our dental and vision plans cover your preventive care at little to no cost to you. Delta Dental supports you with more enhanced benefits than many other carriers.

Coverage You Can Use

We not only want you to use your benefits to help improve your overall health, we make it easy. We’re affiliated with a large national network for both dental and vision plans, giving you access to both local and national providers. We want you to have the care you need wherever you go!

Delta Dental Government Programs

Delta Dental also provides dental benefits through two government programs, the Dental Wellness Plan and the hawk-i dental program for children.

There’s A Perfect Plan For You

Visit the Shop For Plans section to see the coverage details and find the plan that best fits your needs.