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Delta Dental subsidiary acquires Caregiven

Posted on October 11, 2022 in Corporate

Delta Dental of Iowa and its subsidiary Veratrus Health have announced the acquisition of Caregiven and that its founder and CEO, Candice Smith, will be joining the Delta Dental team. Caregiven is a comprehensive care support app designed to assist informal caregivers as they navigate all aspects of caring for an aging or ailing adult. Delta Dental intends to incorporate Caregiven into its product portfolio which includes dental, vision and legal insurance for Iowa employers and their employees.

With nearly 50 percent of all Americans providing or receiving care, there is a great need for an app such as Caregiven to help navigate the experience for both the caregiver and their loved one. It is estimated that caregivers spend 45 hours per week caring for another adult, while working and balancing the needs of their personal lives. A tool such as Caregiven can provide the caregiver with resources to manage their caregiving, giving them more time and ability to focus on other needs as well.

“I founded Caregiven so no other daughter would feel what I did when caring for my dad,” said Candice Smith, founder and CEO of Caregiven. “Being a caregiver is one of the most overwhelming, isolating and expensive experiences that we all will go through. There is both an abundance of anecdotes and advice and an absence of digital support tools to empower families to choose the path that’s right for them. I am excited to be a part of Delta Dental based on their experience in the employee benefits market, community partnerships and their focus on holistic wellness. Throughout all their products it is evident that Delta Dental not only cares about its members but is committed to delivering access to quality care.”

“We were introduced to Caregiven through Delta Dental’s involvement in the Global Insurance Accelerator and recognized the value Caregiven can provide to employers and their employees,” said Jeff Russell, president and CEO of Delta Dental of Iowa. “Over the last year, we have placed more focus on the holistic wellness of our team members, moving beyond physical wellness to incorporate emotional, financial, career and community wellness. In a competitive job market, employers need to offer benefits that meet the needs of employees across multiple generations. As Delta Dental looks for opportunities to provide additional products and services to employers and members, we knew Caregiven was aligned with our wellness culture and our core business of employee benefits.”

Over the next year, Smith will continue to work with organizations to offer localized solutions and resources for Iowa caregivers. Caregiven will also expand their distribution beyond individuals to working with employers to offer Caregiven as an employee benefit.