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Iowa City Awarded Grant to Upgrade Water Fluoridation System and Protect Residents’ Healthy Teeth

Posted on July 19, 2022 in Foundation

The City of Iowa City, Iowa, will upgrade its community water fluoridation equipment and purchase lab equipment and supplies thanks in part to a $13,846 grant from the Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation. Community water fluoridation (fluoridation) is the adjustment, up or down, of natural fluoride levels in water systems to prevent tooth decay (cavities). According to the Iowa Department of Public Health, water fluoridation prevents 25 percent of tooth decay for all age groups and for every $1 spent on community water fluoridation, $38 is saved in dental treatment costs.

“Research shows that assisting communities like Iowa City with fluoridation system upgrades is an important and effective strategy for overall public health,” said Dr. Jeffrey Chaffin, chief dental officer, Delta Dental of Iowa and board director, Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation. “Fluoridation programs were identified as one of the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century, and communities like Iowa City continue to improve the oral and overall health of residents by making these investments.” 

The City Water Division will replace aged fluoride management equipment and acquire lab testing equipment and supplies to ensure the stability and safety of the City’s water supply. The City supports 70,000 residents with its water supply and has followed the fluoridation guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more than 30 years.

"The City is in full support of these upgrades to ensure the health and safety of Iowa City residents’ drinking water for years to come,” said Geoff Furin, city manager, City of Iowa City. “We are committed to the community water fluoridation program and applaud our water division team for anticipating these needed updates.”

Working with the Iowa Department of Public Health, Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation provides funding to maintain and support optimally fluoridated water in public water systems. This program can help Iowans of all ages receive a health benefit that helps prevent cavities.  If you are wondering about your community, visit My Water’s Fluoride, a voluntary nationwide database hosted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that reports each community and water system's fluoride levels.

For more information on Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation’s awards for community water fluoridation, visit