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The Details on Delta Dental of Iowa’s New Legal Benefit for Groups

You may be thinking, “Why would Delta Dental of Iowa offer a legal benefit to employer groups?”

But perhaps the better question is, “Why not?”

Your employees face many challenges outside of the workplace, and three out of four of them will experience at least one legal event each year.1 To give employees easier access to quality legal advice and services, Delta Dental of Iowa has partnered with ARAG® to offer legal insurance with identity theft protection as a new benefit to complement its dental and vision products.

We’re excited to share more about this new offering with you, and we’ve included answers to the most common questions below.

Who Is Eligible for the New Legal Benefit?
Groups of all sizes are eligible to offer this benefit to their employees.

Why Should I Consider a Legal Benefit for My Employees?
Whether it's purchasing a home, drafting a Will, planning retirement or considering a divorce, life happens. During tough times or those when you need professional advice, a licensed attorney can help lead you through life’s more complex moments, and act in your best interest.

Removing hurdles is essential for your employees’ wellbeing. When your employees know they have access to a network of attorneys who can assist with a wide range of legal issues, they’ll have the confidence that a professional is working on their behalf to resolve the problem. That means they can go about their life without the distractions and doubt that come with facing life’s challenges. When employees feel more secure in their personal lives, they bring their best to their professional ones.

What About the Additional Services Included (Identity Theft Protection, Caregiving, Financial and Tax Benefits)?
The legal insurance benefit includes additional services to help employees in their daily lives. These services fall into four categories:

  1. Identity Theft Protection Services: Members and their families receive monitoring of their personal information and have services to help if an identity theft or fraudulent event occurs.
  2. Caregiving Services: Parents and grandparents have access to ARAG’s network of attorneys to help plan their own legal needs.
  3. Financial Education and Counseling Services: Financial professionals and counselors can help members with questions related to debt, budgeting, retirement savings and investments.
  4. Tax Services: Tax professionals are on call to provide members with personal tax-related advice and may prepare personal tax returns at a discounted rate.

What Does the Legal Benefit Cover and Cost?

The ARAG legal insurance plan gives members access to 17,000 network attorneys and includes:

  • 100% paid-in-full coverage for most covered matters
  • Identity theft protection services
  • Additional services, such as caregiving, financial and tax services

The $26 monthly premium for the legal insurance benefit covers the employee, spouse and dependents.

Do you want to learn more about this new legal insurance and identity theft protection benefit? Your broker or Delta Dental of Iowa account manager can help you enroll and share more details on the specific services that are covered in this new offering.


1. “How Legal and Financial Issues Impact Employee Wellness.” Russell Research for ARAG. February 2017.