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Delta Dental is the most trusted insurance provider in Iowa.

Most Iowans know Delta Dental of Iowa provides comprehensive insurance coverage for dental care through a large network of Iowa dentists. But you might not know that we also offer DeltaVision for individuals, families and older Iowans who also have our dental coverage. Vision coverage is a needed benefit:

  • 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction1
  • 10 million children suffer from undetected vision problems2
  • Between work and leisure, the average American adult spends 11 of 18 waking hours looking at a screen3 

Vision care coverage with DeltaVision and good overall health habits help protect your ability to witness the colors of a sunset, read a new novel and see your favorite soccer player score the winning goal. View DeltaVision coverage options to find out how you can make sure your eyes are covered.

Our dental and vision plan offers the best insurance coverage around.

Individual and family dental members can bundle plans to take advantage of our broad vision coverage. DeltaVision has you covered with: 

  • The largest network in the U.S. with more than 125,000 providers
  • A broad network of independent and retail providers, including leading optical retailers such as LensCrafters®, Pearle Vision®, and Target Optical®
  • Additional choices and savings at, and

DeltaVision makes it easy to order glasses or contacts, locate a provider or find out more about your eye insurance plan options.  

Protect your eyes and your smile.

DeltaVision and Delta Dental protect two physical attributes that have an intense impact on your quality of life – your eyes and your smile. As we age, our ability to laugh with confidence, eat the foods we enjoy, drive where we want to go and connect with friends and family in person or online is directly affected by our dental and vision health. When you have dental and vision coverage, you are more likely to make and keep regular preventive appointments with your medical providers. Regular exams with your optometrist help track vision changes and can track health conditions ranging from eyestrain to diabetes to high blood pressure. Whether you currently wear corrective lenses or have perfect vision, scheduling preventive exams with your optometrist will help you keep the vision you have for as long as possible. Find out how easy it is to add dental and vision coverage to your insurance lineup.

Coverage for the whole family.

Busy families know the challenge of making sure everyone gets their annual preventive exams for dental, vision and medical health. With the largest network of providers in Iowa, Delta Dental and DeltaVision make it easy to find providers that work well for your family. Your children’s dental and vision needs may stay steady or change dramatically from year to year. Dental and vision insurance plans that cover the basic needs and more reduce the anxiety and uncertainty of keeping your family healthy. Just like their first sports goggles for basketball, the mouthguard for football and blue light prescription glasses during college, our Delta Dental insurance and DeltaVision coverage keeps your family’s smiles and eyes protected. Our family insurance plans are tiered to meet your needs.

Annual eye exams just got cooler.

One & SunTM is an exclusive benefit from DeltaVision — another reason to enroll in vision coverage. With our Individual and Family vision plans, you can claim a FREE pair of designer sunglasses — just for getting your annual eye exam.

Competitive coverage, competitive price.

Don’t wait another day. Compare DeltaVision and Delta Dental insurance coverage plans today and protect your oral health and your vision for the future.

1VisionExpo summary of the Vision Council report
2National Parent Teacher Association
3The Total Audience Report; Q4 2014, Nielsen, March 2015