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Request for Proposal - Lobbying Consulting Services

Lobbying Consulting Services

Reports to: Vice President of Public Affairs

Location: Iowa

Time Period: October 1, 2022 –September 30, 2023

Deadline Date: July 22, 2022

About Delta Dental of Iowa

Delta Dental of Iowa (DDIA) is a not-for-profit, health insurance company founded in 1970 providing dental, vision and legal insurance. As the largest dental insurer in Iowa, Delta Dental serves over 1.5 million members and 3,800 Iowa employer groups. DDIA also serves as an administrator providing dental benefits to uninsured or underinsured children and adults through the CHIP program, Hawki, and Medicaid’s Dental Wellness Plan (DWP). As a not-for-profit, Delta Dental of Iowa invests in projects that improve our communities and overall health of all Iowans through their charitable Community Impact Program. In 2021, Delta Dental contributed more than $3.3 million to support oral and overall health projects.

Scope of Project

Delta Dental intends to retain a lobbying consulting firm/individual to be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with members of the Iowa Legislature and the executive branch to effectively represent Delta Dental of Iowa (DDIA).  This position will register on behalf of DDIA to lobby and work closely in conjunction with DDIA’s Government Relations Manager to accomplish DDIA’s legislative agenda.  Responsibilities include providing research and analysis on legislation and administrative rules; assisting in policy development; aiding in development of a government relations plan to ensure the company’s regulatory and legislative issues are protected; and representing the company on other external venues.

The successful firm/individual will handle a range of activities including, but not limited to: 

  • Monitor and stay abreast of regulatory and legislative issues (state) with potential company impact.
  • Meet with legislators and officials to emphasize the merits of specific bills to influence passage, defeat, amendments, or introduction of legislation favorable to DDIA's interests.
  • Communicate legislation/regulations that could have an impact on DDIA.
  • Outreach to individuals and groups that have similar interests.
  • Respond to requests for information by legislators and other key stakeholders in a timely manner.
  • Develop/maintain effective working relationships with legislative leadership and key members of the executive branch/state agencies.
  • Register as a lobbyist with the state and executive branch and submit reports of regulated forms and expenditures in a timely manner.
  • During the non-legislative session, report on issues of interest or concern. This may include but not necessarily limited to: action taken at interim committee meetings, rule making hearings, status of DDIA interested task forces, and advance notice of legislation being proposed.
  • Support company mission and brand in government relations and public relations activities.
  • Perform other work-related duties as assigned.


  • Dedicate time to work and coordinate with in-house DDIA lobbyist during the legislative session and occasionally during the interim.
  • Lack of significant conflicts with other clients represented.
  • A minimum of 4 years lobbying experience with work in healthcare insurance environment strongly preferred.
  • Knowledge of the insurance and or health-benefits industry
  • Knowledge of the legislative process and strong relationships with Iowa legislators, leadership, and executive branch.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills for interaction with DDIA staff and entities outside of DDIA.
  • Established rapport with government representatives and community/business leaders in Iowa.
  • Ability to travel as needed.

Please follow format requirements below to expedite review and evaluation of your proposal.  It is not the intent of Delta Dental of Iowa to constrain firms/individuals about content, but to assure that the specific requirements set forth in this RFP are addressed in a uniform manner amendable to review and evaluation.

Qualifications and Experience

  1. Briefly introduce your firm/self, providing a summary of the administration, organization, and staffing, including multiple offices, if applicable.  Provide an organizational chart (if applicable) indicating the positions and names of the core management team which will undertake this engagement.
  2. Identify the lead consultant and each individual who will work as part of this engagement.  Include resumes for each person assigned.  Include any professional designations and affiliations, certifications and licenses, etc.
  3. Describe the experience of the firm/self in performing consulting services in similar size and scope, including specific instances of collaboration with similar clients that retain in-house government relations staff and how your firm assisted to accomplish their business/government relations objectives.
  4. Describe two (2) instances in which your firm/self was successful in accomplishing legislative goals similar in size to DDIA.
  5. List contacts and the relationships your firm/individual has with the majority and minority leaders and key legislative chair positions of the state legislature, as well as the executive branch, Iowa Insurance Division, Iowa Department of Public Health, and Department of Human Services.
  6. Specify the firm’s/individual area of expertise/relationships and how those strengths will benefit DDIA.

Rates and expenses

  1. Provide a detailed fee schedule. Include your administrative fee in a lump sum not-to-exceed maximum amount and separate price for travel and related expenses. Please make sure to be specific and provide alternatives reflecting specific percentages of time and capacity based on client list.

Methodology including technical approach and understanding of the scope of the project

  1. Include a narrative description of the firms’/individual’s plan for accomplishing the work and service to be provided to DDIA.  Included in the narrative is an indication of a clear understanding outlying major tasks and responsibility, time frames, and staff assigned for each category of the scope of work identified above.


  1. Provide references for similar successful projects from three current clients, including the contact’s name, company, telephone, and email address
  2. Provide a detailed list of current and new clients, as well as previous clients within the past two years.
  3. Provide any perceived conflict of interests you might have with Delta Dental of Iowa and existing client list or relationships.

Interested consultant firms/individuals are invited to submit their proposal by July 22.
Proposals should be submitted via mail or dropped off at the Delta Dental of Iowa office to the attention of:

Casey Ficek – Government Relations Manager
Delta Dental of Iowa | 9000 Northpark Drive | Johnston, IA 50131
Office: (515) 261-5559
Email: [email protected]