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3 Unexpected Ways Mouthwash Helps Your Smile

Posted on December 20, 2016 in Dental Health

We're mega-fans of mouthwash. Because when combined with a thorough brushing and flossing routine, mouthwash can fight cavities and bad breath.

3 Unexpected Ways Mouthwash Helps Your Smile

But did you know that mouthwash does work beyond cleaning your pearly whites? Here are three other ways mouthwash can benefit your smile:

1. Cleans your toothbrush

Mouthwash's antiseptic kills the bacteria that breeds on your toothbrush, effectively sanitizing it. But remember: Always replace your toothbrush after three months of use!

2. Disinfects cuts and scrapes

Mouthwash was originally developed as a surgical antiseptic before it became a commercial oral health product. Back in the day it could've cleansed a cut instead of kept you minty-fresh!

3. Freshens breath

And last but not least, mouthwash is a sure way to freshen breath if you don't have time to brush. A quick swish can keep you minty fresh on the go.

How else do you use mouthwash? Share your unique uses below!