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A Love Letter to Straws

By Caroline Jacobson on June 28, 2016 in Dental Health

What would a tropical drink be without these decorative devices? Other than the 24 hours following tooth removal, we don't see any reason to skip on straws.

Here's why we love them:

• Straws keep cavities out.

Sweet and sour make a good team for your takeout order—not your teeth. When beverages high in sugar or acidity touch your teeth, the resulting bacteria can cause cavities, enamel erosion and other dental issues. Even if you never drink soda, acid can hide in healthy places like sparkling water and Kombucha. Straws act as a teeth tunnel, limiting liquid contact. For optimal protection, make sure to position your straw towards the back of your mouth.

• Straws never throw shade.

Dark drinks can create surface stains, dulling the shade of your smile. Sip through a straw to prevent surface stains on those all-important front teeth.

• Straws appreciate your sensitive side.

Straws are great for getting cold drinks past sensitive teeth. Tooth enamel can wear down, causing exposed dentin. That exposed dentin is sensitive to icy shakes and piping hot chocolate. And dentin makes your smile super sensitive to pain—especially temperature.

• Straws don't have to be wasteful.

The environment draws the short straw with wasteful plastic versions. Consider an eco-friendly, reusable option like acrylic or glass. Recyclable paper straws are making a comeback too. 

What's your favorite thing to drink with a straw? Tell us below!