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DIY Halloween Costumes for Spooky Smiles

Posted on October 16, 2018 in Dental Health

Dentist costume for children

Halloween costumes don’t have to be complicated or intricate; all you need are a few supplies and some crafty spirit. Here’s 3 of our clever costumes to DIY: a Tooth Fairy, a vampire, and a dentist costume for children.


This Tooth Fairy tutu is an easy costume that can be whipped up in a flash. If you know how to make a knot, you’ll have no trouble creating this magical costume!

Dentist costume for children


Vampires are known for their intimidating teeth, pale complexion and cape. Pop in the plastic fangs and make this DIY cape to turn your child into a miniature Dracula.

Dentist costume for children


If your child prefers a more realistic costume than a princess one, stay true to form with this dentist headlamp. It’s the perfect addition for an easy dentist costume for children.

Dentist costume for children