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GET THE FACTS: Dental Insurance Can Save You More Than You Think

Posted on October 8, 2021 in Dental Health

Woman with basketWho doesn’t love a great deal? You do your research, you read reviews, and maybe you even find a promo code for money off your purchase. The conquest of a well-thought-out purchase can make us feel like we accomplished something good for our budget and ourselves. If you enjoy getting a great deal, we have some money-saving news for you! 

When you choose Delta Dental of Iowa for your dental insurance, you can cut your dental expenses in half when compared to the cost of not having coverage. Studies show that when people have dental insurance, they are more likely to schedule and attend their regular dental appointments. And when you keep those dental appointments, you can catch small issue before they become larger, more costly problems. 

Delta Dental  has provided dental insurance benefits for more than 50 years to individuals, families and businesses. More than half of all Iowans trust Delta Dental for their dental benefits. It’s no wonder that nine out of 10 dentists in Iowa are part of our network. The cost savings with Delta Dental coverage can reduce the cost of crowns, fillings and other procedures by more than 50 percent. Plus, most Delta Dental plans include coverage for preventive care like exams, cleanings and x-rays at little to no cost to you.

So with savings up to 50 percent and knowing you are getting a great deal, what might some of your concerns be about dental care and dental insurance? Let’s look at three reasons one might avoid signing up for coverage or going to the dentist. 

Is it safe to go to the dentist during a pandemic? Yes. The American Dental Association (ADA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have stated that oral health is an essential part of overall health. During the pandemic, both organizations have urged dental practices and dental patients to take care in determining the right time for their next dental visit. In Iowa, dentists are currently open for business and they are following the guidelines mandated by the state for safe dental practices. New precautions are now required for dental practices that include the screening of patients and staff for COVID-19 symptoms, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), frequent hand sanitizing and additional cleaning and disinfecting. Many Iowa dentists have invested in air filtration systems or even remodeled their practices to provide more separation and safety for patients and staff. 

If you are a person in a vulnerable population due to age or pre-existing conditions, contact your dentist to determine when your next appointment should be. If you are experiencing oral pain or discomfort seek treatment immediately and feel confident that your dentist is taking all of the necessary precautions to protect you, their staff and their other patients from COVID-19.

Iowans should feel confident in maintaining their regular dental checkups. According to the American Dental Association Health Policy Institute in June 2021, almost 90% of dentists are fully vaccinated. When surveyed in late July, close to 73% of dental hygienists were fully vaccinated and 78% had received at least one dose. 

“Oral health is an important part of overall health,” according to ADA President Chad Gehani, D.D.S. “Resuming regular dental visits are important because treatment, as well as prevention of dental disease, helps keep people healthy. The guidance from the ADA and the CDC give dental professionals the information they need to practice as safely as possible.”

Does the condition of my teeth have anything to do with my overall health? Yes. Even perfect teeth with no cavities need to be regularly checked by your dentist and cared for with daily brushing and flossing. Proactively caring for your teeth and appointments with your dentist can prevent infections and emergency surgeries, not to mention unnecessary pain and suffering. Your dentist can detect symptoms of more than 120 chronic diseases through your dental exam – serious conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and more. 

Not only is it important for your physical health, but also a healthy smile gives you confidence, helps you communicate with others and enjoy your favorite foods!

Is dental insurance affordable if I’m self-employed, retired, or work for or run a small business? Yes. Individuals and families have many options when it comes to dental benefits. Participating in your employers' plan is one way to access care. But, Delta Dental of Iowa offers plans for all sizes of organizations – small to large – that can be 100% employee supported or partially funded by the employer. There are no waiting periods for small business plans and some similar businesses may be able to pool together for group plans. Regardless of the size of your business, there is a Delta Dental plan that can work for you. 

If your employer doesn’t offer coverage, individuals and families can also purchase plans directly from Delta Dental of Iowa. We have a variety of plan options to choose from – ranging from basic care such as exams, cleanings and x-rays, and plans with more comprehensive coverage including bridges, crowns and more. Regardless of how you access care, your dentist is likely in the Delta Dental network since 94% of dentists in Iowa participate in the Delta Dental network. Having dental insurance helps you avoid large out-of-pocket costs for basic services and makes it more likely that you’ll go to the dentist, which helps you avoid dental emergencies down the road. 

GET THE FACTS. If you love a great deal, find out how you can save more than 50% on dental expenses with Delta Dental of Iowa. Iowans have trusted Delta Dental of Iowa for more than 50 years to provide dental insurance for themselves, their families and their employees. Trust our 1.5 million insured Iowans and the largest dental provider network in Iowa – Delta Dental will give you the facts!