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Boost Your Week with Monday at-Home Workouts

By Shelby Tatomir on October 3, 2017 in Healthy Living

Monday workout

From Taco Tuesday to Sunday Funday, every day of the week has a different motto. The day with the worst slogan? Monday. With the weekend behind us, and the workweek just beginning, it’s no wonder we all have a recurring case of the Mondays. To make Mondays more bearable, here are some fun tips for Monday workouts to bring a smile to your face. Grab the kids, some comfortable workout attire, and join in on some mood-boosting fun: 

Pick your favorite workout style

Whether you’re a workout novice or a sweat stickler, start with what sounds the most fun. Walk your dog, check out kickboxing or barre classes online, or even clean the house (it can count as a workout!).

Have a flexible mindset

Think of every Monday like January 1st. The beginning of the week is a chance to reset your health regimen. You won’t be alone, health-related questions increase 3% at the beginning of the week. If you’re still in need of motivation, check out the Move it Monday campaign. If the kids are lagging, remind them they get a fresh start with each Monday morning, too!

Focus on the upside of exercise

Exercise is good for both your body and your smile. For all adults, regular aerobic exercise can improve the ability to switch tasks, as well as working memory. And cardio increases blood flow to the brain.

Jumpstart your mornings

Hitting the gym first thing in the morning will give your Monday a big boost. Not a morning person? After you’ve set your alarm for the next morning, put your phone on the other side of the bedroom. Now you won’t be so tempted to snooze back to slumber town.

There are also many exercises that cater to waking you (or your kids) up!

Start Small

Commit to just seven minutes of exercise and see how you feel. This is the time when endorphins start kicking in, meaning you may want to continue your cardio kick once you hit that 7-minute mark.

Change the way you feel about Mondays!

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