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Supporting Access, Integration, and Health Equity with the Iowa Primary Care Association

Posted on January 27, 2023 in Healthy Living

Last year, we granted funds to many organizations to support efforts aligning with this vision, incl

At Delta Dental of Iowa, taking care of others has always been part of who we are — because we understand we’re part of something greater than ourselves. Our Foundation builds partnerships with robust community organizations that share our commitment to improving the oral and overall health of all Iowans.

Last year, we granted funds to many organizations to support efforts aligning with this vision, including the Iowa Primary Care Association, which provides assistance and training to Iowa’s community health centers.

The Iowa Primary Care Association received a System and Capacity Building Grant of $266,104 to support a new Health Information Technology (HIT) system that could better connect dental and primary health care within Iowa’s community health centers.

Good oral health is critical to overall health. Before the integration initiative, oral health information was kept in a separate program, making care coordination across sites challenging. With a connected system, health care providers can provide comprehensive care for their patients, provide a higher level of service supporting better patient outcomes.

Why Delta Dental supports CHCs and the Iowa Primary Care Association

Since 2002, Delta Dental has invested nearly $6 million in the Iowa Primary Care Association and Iowa’s community health centers. Iowa’s community health centers provide high-quality primary and preventive medical, dental, and behavioral health care to members of the community, including marginalized populations and those who may experience barriers to care. The health centers establish and maintain relationships with patients to ensure optimal oral and overall health. 

About the Iowa Primary Care Association

The Iowa Primary Care Association is a non-profit membership association consisting of 13 community health centers and one migrant health program. The participating care centers serve more than 250,000 Iowans annually through nearly 900,000 patient visits. 

In Iowa, community health centers provide services through full-service clinics and additional sites such as schools, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and more. These centers provide medical, dental, behavioral health, vision, and enabling services to patients regardless of income or health insurance status.

We are proud to support the Iowa Primary Care Association as they work with community health centers across Iowa to provide access to high-quality, inclusive, and affordable oral and overall healthcare options.

About Delta Dental’s System and Capacity Building Grants

Through our Foundation’s System and Capacity Building Grants, organizations can receive over $50,000 to support large infrastructure and major system changes related to the overall care of Iowans. Each year, letters of interest are due on March 1 and September 1. Read our recent announcement about 2023 grant opportunities. 

Since 2002, the Foundation has invested more than $56 million to improve the oral and overall health of Iowans through grant programs. Learn more about the Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation.