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Rock and Enroll: 5 Ways to Prepare for Open Enrollment

Posted on October 8, 2015 in Insurance

Open enrollment. It's the term buzzing around your HR department this time of year. But what does it mean? And how does it affect you as an employee?

Open enrollment provides employees the opportunity to select different benefits for the upcoming year (or new benefits, if you're enrolling for the first time).

Now is the time to consider your current coverage, financial situation, personal needs, as well as the needs of your dependents.

Here are 5 questions to keep in mind as you prepare for open enrollment:

1. What's included in my current coverage?

Re-visit your current coverage. Does your plan cover the number of times you see a doctor or dentist? Does the plan offer prescription drug coverage to suit your needs? Does it make sense with your current budget? Have there been changes to employer-sponsored benefits or allocations? 

2. What kind of coverage will I need for the upcoming year?

A lot can change in a year, and you'll need to consider what the future may hold. Will your family experience a dynamic change? Do you have a health condition that may require more attention? Do you desire coverage for specific services, such as vision?

3. Will my current plan change?

This is a key detail to get from your employer and/or benefit provider. Your current plan may not be offered in the upcoming year. Ensure that there are no coverage surprises come January 1st.

4. What other options is my employer providing?

Assess additional plan options and determine if and how they'll better meet your needs.

5. Will my physician and dentist still be in-network if my plan changes?

If you have a regular doctor and/or dentist, check if they'll still be in-network. Remember — It's usually more cost effective to see an in-network provider. If they're not, determine if you're open to finding a new provider.

Still have questions about open enrollment? Don't hesitate to speak with your employer or HR department. If you have specific questions about your dental or vision insurance plans, you can also comment below, email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-800-544-0718. 

Your health and coverage matter!