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The value of dental insurance vs. paying out of pocket

Posted on August 22, 2022 in Insurance

Lower dental care costs, protection against more serious oral health diseases, and peace of mind are

According to a Delta Dental survey, 85% of Americans agree that oral health is very or extremely important to their overall health. However, an estimated 76.5 million Americans do not have dental insurance. So if most agree going to the dentist is a good idea, why are only 25% of Americans extremely satisfied with the health of their mouth? 

People may not get dental coverage because they don't see the value of dental insurance or understand how much dental benefits are worth. This misunderstanding could be due to a lack of knowledge of what dental insurance is or a misconception that paying out of pocket is an easier option.

Why have dental insurance?

Once you understand the benefits of dental coverage, it will be easier to see the true value of dental insurance. 

Dental insurance helps control the costs of dental care

Without a dental plan, you agree to cover the total cost of dental treatment. Because dentists who participate in Delta Dental's networks agree to charge discounted rates for their services, members automatically save money from reduced rates.

In addition, dental insurance can cover a portion of treatment costs, so you don't have to pay the entire bill yourself. The exact amount covered depends on your plan and the type of treatment. Because dental insurance focuses on preventive care, many services such as checkups and cleanings are usually covered at 100 percent. For major procedures, dental insurance helps reduce the costs you must pay. 

The example below compares dental costs between a family with and without insurance.

Comparing dental costs between a family with and without insuranceThe example below compares dental costs between a family with and without insurance.

Insurance helps prevent the development of more severe dental issues

Because dental insurance promotes preventive care, those with insurance are less likely to have severe dental problems. By visiting the dentist more frequently, problems can be detected earlier and treated before they develop into more severe issues. Those with dental insurance can have peace of mind that their regular visits are keeping them healthy.

Dental insurance saves time

Visiting the dentist can be a time-consuming process. There’s a lot to do, from finding a dentist, getting a quote from their office, and scheduling your appointment. Fortunately, many dental insurance companies offer a variety of tools to ease the process for their members. Delta Dental provides helpful resources such as:

Offering dental insurance creates a better work environment 

Employers searching for ways to better the employee experience should offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes dental insurance. Dental benefits are an affordable and flexible option that can be customized based on your company's goals and needs. In addition, employers may see a return on investment from offering dental benefits, as 67% of Americans agree that good oral health makes them feel more confident, which ultimately improves productivity in the workplace. 

The value of dental insurance is that it helps protect your family's overall health by saving money and promoting regular visits to the dentist. Discover how you can save money on dental insurance today by