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Smile! It's the Perfect Week to do it!

By Jill Feilmeier on August 7, 2012 in Just for Kicks

Dad hugging children

The expressions you make with your face go a long way to projecting your mood to the people around you. Someone with a scowl might be harder to approach compared with someone who has a smile.

Here at Delta Dental of Iowa, we believe in celebrating the smile! It is one facial expression that shows everyone around the kind of mood you are in!you that you are enjoying the activity you are participating in. Whether it is an interesting conversation or watching your favorite movie, everyone has at least one thing in their life that causes them to smile.

In honor of National Smile Week (Aug 5-11) we asked our employees to tell us about one thing that makes them smile. Read on for their reasons!

Exercising my right to freedom
– Ginger

Seeing elderly people hold hands / in love, children giggling, comedy
– Tina

The happy faces of my grandchildren!
– Donna G.

Family and Friends, reminiscing , volunteering, being able to help others less fortunate than myself, fresh garden produce, waterfalls, new growth in Spring, fall colors of Autumn, SNOW!!
– Colleen

Hearing my grandchild's voice upon answering my phone
– Lana

My Granddaughter, Sunshine, warm weather
– Barbara B.

My kids
– Jodi Benetti

Skyping with my daughters
– Brenda

My family makes me smile
– Steve

Family Nights – anytime our family is together and we can connect and laugh and have a good time making memories
– Melissa

First and always – my grandson
– Cathy

Hearing my children's laughter
– Wenddie

#1 – Grandchildren, family get-togethers, volunteering, helping others, being with friends
– Vicki

When my son calls me his “LOVE”
– Heather

My daughter's face on Christmas morning and Puppies
– Sharon

Tickling my son until he laughs, and then he asks me to do it again
– Jill

Sweet corn stands
– Suzanne

Shopping for Christmas presents in early November & dancing to the beat of my own drum
– Leigh

Seeing my grandchildren
– Teresa

Our cat at home had a litter of kittens. It makes me smile to watch them play with each other
– Paul

My kinds running, yelling “Mommy!” when I get home from work
– Mandi

Fridays at 4:00 p.m. & laughter from my kids
– Kristin

My kids
– Deb B.

The laughter of a child
– Marla

Memories of special moments with family and friends, baby animals, questions asked by young children, my children
– Jodi Becker

A smiling baby's face, fresh flowers in a vase, potpourri in a jar, the smell of a brand new car, peanut butter and jelly on toast, a red tricycle that I can coast, meeting and greeting old and new friends; all these bring me smiles that never end.
– Cindi N.

If you have a reason that you smile everyday lave it in the comments. We would love to hear from you!