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Dentists give Delta Dental of Iowa the highest overall satisfaction ranking for dental carriers for a long list of reasons, but the biggest is that Delta Dental is truly dedicated to the health and wellness of your patients.  We encourage our members to use their benefits because we know it promotes better health.

Build Your Business

By promoting regular check-ups and offering coverage for a wide range of services, we help you build your business. Plus, you’ll increase your access to new patients by being part of the largest network of dentists of any dental insurance carrier. You’ll have the option to participate in our PPOSM, Premier® and Dental Wellness Plan networks to reach a wide and diverse patient pool.

Superior Support

If you feel like you’re dealing with voices from far away who don’t quite get your business or really care, you’ll find Delta Dental’s Iowa-based support refreshing. The key to our local customer service and professional relations teams are their deep dental science experience and knowledge.

  • We’re the only dental insurance carrier with a team that supports dentists by sharing current dental health information relevant to their practice.
  • Customer service team members with dental science experience support you and your patients to ensure your patients are covered for services they need to attain and maintain oral health.
  • Our experience with programs like hawk-i for kids and Dental Wellness Plan for adults will help you build your practice while also helping ensure everyone has regular access to dental care.

Streamlined Operations

Delta Dental also offers support that goes straight to your bottom line.

  • Submitting claims is easy through our secure website.
  • Accurate and timely claims processing and payment.
  • Direct deposit so you get your payments faster.

Value-Added Services

Available at no or discounted cost:

  • Classes for Continuing Education Units.
  • Dentalytics, an information analysis service designed to help you identify high risk patients and suggest preventive treatment necessary to improve oral health outcomes.
  • And, a wealth of other practice-building services that benefit your patients and business.