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Iowa State Fair Taking Tips from Oral Health Tools

By Jill Feilmeier on August 9, 2012 in Dental Health

Today is the official kick-off of the 2012 Iowa State Fair! Everyone in Iowa (and some non-Iowans) has waited all year for the delectable goodness of the Iowa State Fair food. From griddle sticks to octodogs, the Iowa State Fair has become a staple of greasy but oh-so-good carnival food.

The Iowa State Fair caters to all type of palates. Just because you are gluten-free or on a diet doesn't mean there isn't a laundry list of choices for you also. The one thing most foods at the Iowa State Fair have in common though is the fact that a large percentage of them can be found on a stick.

Whoever thought of putting food on a stick was a genius! If someone at the state fair offers you a bite of an unidentifiable food on a stick, just try it. Chances are that you will be rushing to the nearest food-on-a-stick stand before you even swallow what is in your mouth.

Just like the food at the Iowa State Fair, many oral health tools come on a stick. We have the classic but always in season toothbrush. This is a stick all unto itself with fantastic mouth cleaning power. After you down that chocolate-covered chocolate cookie dough pop, brush your teeth with this stick to avoid destroying your enamel.

The second helpful tool on a stick is the tongue scrapper. If you have never heard of a tongue scrapper you are missing out on a great breath freshening tool. A lot of the germs that contribute to bad breath can be found on your tongue. By scrapping your tongue twice a day you could be saving yourself from a social faux pas.

Last but not least, we have the fabulous floss stick! If you have ever had a problem flossing your teeth as smoothly as your dental hygienist, you are not alone. Sometimes it is hard to reach those back molars where most food accumulates. The answer to this problem was simple: put floss on a stick that can actually reach the back of your mouth.

Like anything on a stick, these oral health tools reign supreme! As you are enjoying your fried butter this year at the fair, make plans to stop by your local drug store and pick up at least one of the tools mentioned today. Your dentist will thank you!

Delta Dental of Iowa hopes everyone enjoys the state fair and all the great food this year!