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What to Expect at Your Next Dental Visit

Posted on May 8, 2020 in Dental Health

Dentist Reopening

With dental offices resuming routine and elective dental care, it’s important to know your next dental visit will look a little different to keep everyone safe. The goal of your appointments are the same: to examine your teeth, gums, tongue and throat for any signs of disease and track any issues you might have to avoid problems in the future. The good news is that infection control procedures are already part of the normal course of dental business. The new processes simply make it  safer.

As many dentists are gearing up to welcome patients back, here are a few changes you may see:

Before Your Appointment

  • Feel free to ask questions. Be sure to ask your dentist any questions that you may have about your oral health and any changes in your medical health.
  • Schedule your visit soon. Because dental offices have been closed, you may have to wait longer than usual for an appointment. Call soon to set up your next visit if your dentist has not already contacted you, especially if you missed an appointment in the last few months.
  • Pre-appointment screening. You may be asked screening questions to make sure you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms such as fever or cough, and to confirm you have not been in contact with anyone with COVID-19.

During Your Visit

  • Check-in changes. Some dental offices may have you wait in your car instead of their waiting room. You may be asked to attend your appointment alone if possible to reduce the number of people in the dental office.
  • Additional screening. You may be asked similar questions on the day of your dental visit about having any COVID-19 symptoms. Upon arrival, you may have your temperature taken and you may be asked to wear a mask.
  • Dental exam. Your dentist will provide a thorough exam, but he or she will likely limit some procedures. Be sure to ask your dentist any questions you have about your dental health.
  • Safety equipment. Dental staff, including the office staff, will be wearing safety equipment like face shields, gloves, masks, gowns and head coverings. To support network dentists, Delta Dental has created a temporary Reopening Support Payment for dentists to use for safety and facility upgrades. As a benefit of your policy, payment for infection control and PPE are factored into the fees for dental services.

Don’t delay in scheduling your next dental appointment. While your next dental visit may look a little different to keep all involved safe and healthy, the goal of your appointment is the same: to check your teeth, gums, tongue and throat for any signs of disease and to prevent issues from becoming bigger problems. Even if your routine is still disrupted, remember to maintain your regular daily dental care.

For more information on going back to the dentist and frequently asked questions, please visit the special COVID-19 section on our website.

If you have any questions about your Delta Dental plan, please feel free to contact us at 800-544-0718 or visit our website.