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5 Ways to Exercise Employee Wellness

Posted on June 9, 2015 in Healthy Living

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With New Year's far behind us, make June the new January and recommit to health goals. June is National Employee Wellbeing Month, and we have 5 ways you and your office can celebrate.

5 ways to celebrate National Employee Wellbeing Month: 

1. First, a selfie.

The “selfie” trend continues to grow, so why not use it as a way to promote office health? Create a unique hashtag for your company or wellness program and encourage employees to capture their fitness selfies. Wellness points or incentives can be awarded to the best selfie, or you can make up your own health challenge. Need some ideas? Get inspired with this hashtag generator.

2. Host a healthy recipe exchange.

Host a fruit and veggie summer potluck for your department or employees for a fresh take on an office favorite. Have employees contribute a favorite healthy recipe to share, or provide easy print outs for them to take home. Try one these recipes, perfect for any on-the-go professional.

3. Namast'ay at work.

Channel your positive zen and improve your posture with yoga at your desk. Even committing to a few minutes of these simple, seated poses will boost circulation and help keep you focused throughout the day.

4. Breathe easy.

It's amazing what a few deep breaths can do. Take five minutes away from emails or between meetings to do a deep breathing sequence. As we experience stress, we tend to take quick, shallow breaths bringing us into a constant “fight or flight” state, and leaving us exhausted at the end of the day.  Remind yourself to make time to breathe by putting a sticky note on your monitor, or sharing a calendar invite with a co-worker.

5. Walk & Talk.

Running is a great way to de-stress and explore the area around your office. Not an office of runners?  Challenge your co-workers to weekly walking challenges, or take your office outside and make your next meeting a “walking meeting”.

An environment that supports employee wellness is good for employees and employers, so try these tips, or let us know how you like to promote wellness in your company below!