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A Call to All Smokers

By Jill Hamilton on March 20, 2012 in Healthy Living

National Kick Butts Day is designated for all those concerned about tobacco use to rise up and educate others about the negative effects of smoking cigarettes. In honor of this day of activism against tobacco, we are going to play a real quick game to help educate our readers.

If you are a smoker, take out one of your cigarettes and break it in half. You just saved 11 minutes of your life. Now, take that whole pack and throw it in the trash. Guess how many minutes of your life you just saved? 220! Can you believe that? It's almost like magic. You just extended your life by 220 minutes in the 3 seconds it took you to throw that pack out.

To put this in a larger picture, by quitting smoking tobacco today, you could extend your life by 6.5 years if you have been a smoker all your life! This number doesn't even take into account the number of years your life will be cut short if you were to develop mouth or lung cancer. The detrimental effects of smoking tobacco could have a profound effect on you and your family.

If you have grandchildren, keep in mind, they are watching you. By nature, children are curious. Why does Grandpa/Grandma go outside every hour? How do you explain to a child that their Grandparent is doing something that could harm them? You can't. In order to save yourself from all the negative side effects, quit smoking today and extend your life long enough to spend more time with the ones you love. If you need more resources or would like to quit smoking, contact a smoking cessation program in your town NOW!


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