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From the Faucet: 3 Reasons to Choose Tap Water

By Jill Hamilton on August 14, 2014 in Healthy Living

Keeping hydrated

As the dog days of summer are in full swing, it's necessary to keep hydrated in order to help your body function properly. Your blood pumps easier, and your body is able to remove waste more effectively when you drink an adequate amount of liquid.

Unfortunately, too many people turn to soda and sports drinks to quench their thirst. While the occasional indulgence is okay, here are three reasons you should choose H2O instead of sugary drinks.

1)    Tap water contains fluoride. It's true that nearly all naturally occurring water contains some level of fluoride, but in many cities water is fluoridated to the optimal level in order to fight tooth decay. Choosing tap water in place of bottled water will not only help save the environment (goodbye, plastic!), but it will also give your teeth decay-fighting superpowers.

2)    Tap water is sugar-free! Unlike common sports drinks, water contains no cavity-causing sugars. In fact, one 20 oz. bottle of a common sports drink can contain up to 40 grams of added sugar. Save yourself empty calories, and avoid tooth troubles by bringing along a refillable water bottle to your summer sports adventures.

3)    Tap water is more affordable. If you are loyal to bottled-water, chances are good that you're spending nearly 300 times more than tap-water aficionados. An estimated $11.8 billion dollars was spent on 9.7 million gallons of bottled-water. This puts the price per gallon of bottled water at $1.22 per gallon, which is in stark contrast to the $.004 cost of 1 gallon of tap water.

Will you make the switch?