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No More Excuses, Thanks to These In-Office Exercises

By Caroline Jacobson on February 21, 2017 in Healthy Living

No More Excuses, Thanks to These In-Office Exercises

It may be hard to justify time for exercise when your inbox is full and meetings already fill your day. Exercise might feel like one extra thing to schedule or manage in an already overloaded calendar.

The reality is that a 30-minute workout only takes 2% of your day, and the benefits are endless. Exercise benefits your body, mood—and surprisingly—your smile. A study conducted by the Journal of Periodontology found those who regularly exercised had healthier gums and fresher breath compared to those didn't exercise.

Benefits aside, we get it. Working out can feel like a hassle—not to mention the sweatiness that accompanies you when you return to the office. So for those days you're not feeling the gym, fit fitness in at your desk with these mini-workouts:

Grin and stair it.

Sometimes climbing to the eighth floor is too much for the early workday. Here are some incentives that may change your mind: Stair-stepping strengthens your legs and raises your heart rate. If you work in a high-rise, consider walking halfway and then taking the elevator. Or, take 15 minutes out of your lunch break to get your climb on!

Dip, baby, dip.

Dips target your triceps and chest. All you need is your chair and a few minutes. Standing with the chair behind you, lower yourself with your legs in front of you and grip the edge of the chair (make sure it has no wheels). Lift yourself up and down to feel the burn!

Fit sit.

All wall sits take are a wall and some willpower. This exercise will tone and strengthen multiple muscles in your legs. With your back against the wall, sit at a 90-degree angle and hold yourself there for 30 seconds. Repeat this at least 3 times. Incorporate some dental health and brush your teeth during this exercise (You'll get in 4 sets if your brush for the recommended 2 minutes!).

Desk, Push it.

Push-up real good! Tone your arms and abdominals with this desk side challenge. Place your hands on the edge of your desk. With your legs positioned shoulder-width behind you, push yourself off of the desk. To focus on your triceps, bring your hands and arms closer together.

Though these exercises may raise a few eyebrows, you should be proud for raising your fitness level! Why not convince your co-workers to join in the fun? Looking for more ways to make fitness fun? Check out these workout alternatives for after work!