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Toothpaste for Burns: Trendy Hack or Dangerous DIY?

Posted on May 8, 2018 in Healthy Living

Toothpaste for Burns

Oral health products and their uses have gotten some buzz lately. Everything from toothpaste for acne to mouthwash for dandruff is going viral. But what about toothpaste for burns?

The short answer to this home remedy is no, toothpaste cannot help heal minor burns.

Whether it happened in the kitchen or the bathroom, burns are never any fun, and many people believe there are certain home remedies that will help take away the pain.

Things like honey, egg whites, toothpastes, and even ice have shown no scientific evidence of helping in the event of a burn. In fact, they probably only seem to help because it involves putting something on top of the already injured skin.

What to do in case of a minor burn:

• Forget toothpaste and find running water.

o Utilize cool water in order to alleviate the heat that has been stored in the wound.
o Use a wet towel as a compress so you don’t waste any water.
o Make sure not to use too cold of water as it can cause further damage.

• Check to see if the burn has opened up.

o If the skin is broken, an antibacterial ointment will protect the wound from infection.

• DON’T POP ANY BLISTERS! While it may be tempting to pop, the blister helps protect the new skin and prevents infection. 

o If the skin is intact, consider using aloe vera the way you would for a sunburn.

• Cover the burned area with clean clothes or even a bandage to prevent infection and consider taking a pain reliever such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to reduce the swelling.

• Always see a doctor if the burn is major or you have worsening symptoms like developing a fever.

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