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Rethink Your Drink | Water Week

Posted on September 15, 2020 in Healthy Living

Water Week 2020

One of the focuses of the Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation is improving the health and smiles of Iowans through oral health education and prevention. The Rethink Your Drink program helps this mission by encouraging kids to drink more water throughout the day to support their oral and overall health.  

Delta Dental of Iowa’s Rethink Your Drink Educational Kits are free for all Iowa schools to use. Educators and school nurses play a huge role in making this program a success by leading our Rethink Your Drink lesson plans, activities, and demonstrations with their students. In every Educational Kit the following is included: 

  • Educational materials – These coloring/activity sheets and posters helps provide information about the importance of drinking water. 
  • Parent letter – This letter is provided for teachers to send out to student’s parents to explain the Rethink Your Drink program and how they can support it at home. 
  • Water log – This downloadable sheet is for students to use and keep track of how much water they are drinking each day. 
  • Sugar demonstration – This hands-on activity shows students how much sugar is in their favorite drinks. 
  • Water Wednesday activity – This includes a list of fun recipes to keep students engaged and having fun while learning. 

Each grade kit includes many other activities, demonstrations, posters, and worksheets to help educate students on the importance of drinking water to improve their oral and overall health. Without the support and leadership of our Iowa educators, this program would not be possible. Since 2017, the Rethink Your Drink program has reached hundreds of schools and thousands of students. With our Iowa teachers help we are able to live out our mission and will be able to complete our goal of reaching every student in Iowa! 

Learn more about the Rethink Your Drink program and what is included in the Educational Kit for grades K-12. 

Rethink Your Drink is supported by the Healthiest State Initiative, Iowa Department of Public Health Bureau of Nutrition and Health Promotion, Iowa Public Health Association, Iowa Department of Education, and In-Depth Marketing.