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When Do I Need to Change My Toothbrush?

Posted on April 13, 2020 in Healthy Living

one new and one old toothbrush in a cup

As spring arrives, many of us may find ourselves doing a little spring cleaning. Getting rid of old clothes, disinfecting the house and scrubbing the floors are popular tasks at the moment. However, let’s not forget one of the most important and easy tasks – switching your toothbrush! Changing your toothbrush should be more than an annual spring event though. Here are a few year-round signs for when to switch your toothbrush.

  • After you’re sick – Unfortunately, many of us forget to change toothbrushes after being sick. Reduce your risk of reinfection by switching out your toothbrush or brush head.  
  • Every 3 months – It is recommended that you rotate your toothbrush or toothbrush head (for electric toothbrushes) every 3-4 months. A fun way to keep track of this is to create an “I Brushed My Teeth Today” calendar for the kiddos, or to set a recurring reminder on your cell phone.
  • Worn bristles – This one is a common issue among children thanks to their ambitious brushing! However, it can become an issue among all ages. Once your bristles appear frayed, bent or worn, be sure to switch it out immediately.

As we’re currently experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that our toothbrushes are practicing social distancing as well. When storing your family’s toothbrushes on the bathroom countertop, be sure to space them out into separate cups and/or areas. Bacteria can remain on the toothbrush and easily spread throughout the family. Be sure those toothbrushes are keeping their distance!

Help keep you and your family healthy by reducing the spread of any harmful germs. Switch out your toothbrush every three months and store it at a safe distance from other toothbrushes.. For more information on healthy dental behaviors, check out our blogs: