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5 apps that inspire good brushing habits for kids

Posted on December 7, 2023 in Healthy You

Little girl and dad brushing their teeth

When it comes to helping your kids build healthy habits, finding ways to make it fun is important. If you need a place to start, grab your phone or tablet. We’ve rounded up our favorite — and free — tooth brushing apps to make at-home dental hygiene fun for your kids.

Five tooth brushing apps your kids will love

Mimizaur Tooth Brushing Timer: Mimizaur turns brushing into a fun adventure for kids, with engaging cartoons that help your kids brush for the recommended 2 minutes. The app was designed for kids 3-6 years of age, but older users will love it, too. Download: Apple | Google Play

Brush DJ: Among the highest-ranked tooth brushing apps, Brush DJ makes at-home dental hygiene fun by pumping out 2 minutes of music to help kids brush for the full recommended amount. Developed by a dentist, the app also promotes dental health by reminding you to change your toothbrush and offers dental hygiene tips. Download: Apple | Google Play

Toothy Teeth Brushing Timer: Toothy helps kids track their progress with tooth brushing and plays music to make the experience fun. Kids will get motivated to see their progress, and before long, great oral hygiene will be an ingrained habit. It also offers reminders on your next dentist visit and when to change your toothbrush. Download: Apple

Brusheez Little Monsters: Kids will love being able to pick their own monster character. The app comes with a 2-minute timer, and the monster characters guide your kids through brushing their teeth with fun music playing in the background. Download: Apple

Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B: When your kids see their favorite Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters, they’ll be excited to brush longer. In addition to a fun timer, there is also a calendar function that shows kids their progress in building their healthy dental habits. Download: Apple | Android

A dentist can share more ways to boost healthy childhood habits

Apps are just one way to help create good oral health habits in your kids. Your dentist can share many other ways to help children get excited about taking care of their teeth. Like adults, kids should see a dentist two times a year for a deep cleaning and preventive dental checkup. Do you need help finding an in-network dentist? Check out the Delta Dental of Iowa Find a Provider tool to locate a quality family dentist near you.