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3 Starter Steps for Dental Insurance Newbies

Posted on June 6, 2017 in Insurance

3 Starter Steps for Dental Insurance Newbies

Congrats on getting dental insurance! You’re taking the first step to improving and maintaining good oral and overall health.

Now that you have your new plan, here are your next steps:

Step 1: Know your coverage.

Every plan is different, so take the time to understand the specifics. Know what is (and isn’t) covered. Learn if you have a waiting period. Estimate what your expenses could be at each appointment (see Step 3).

Find this information even faster by signing up for an account online. You can also send us a message on social media, or contact our customer service team and we will happily walk you through your coverage!

Step 2: Find a network dentist.

You are free to see any dentist you choose, but you’ll have the lowest out-of-pocket savings when you see a dentist that accepts your insurance plan. Find a network dentist near you by using our search here.

Step 3: Estimate your costs.

Before you go to an appointment, it is helpful to have a good idea what you may owe. Most common costs to determine are your copay and deductible, as well as coinsurance and your annual maximum.

If you think you’ll need a procedure that may require an additional expense, ask your dentist to submit a pre-treatment estimate. Knowing what your plan covers beforehand can help you budget for extra costs.

After your appointment, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement, typically through the mail. This is not a bill. It reviews what was covered, verses what you might owe. If you do owe anything additional that was not covered by your insurance, your dentist will bill you directly.

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