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Reap the Benefits of Healthy Employees | Dental Benefits for Small Business

By Shelby Tatomir on May 19, 2015 in Insurance

benefits of healthy employees

Offering robust benefits plans to your employees may seem like a decision made from the kindness of your heart. But offering benefits like dental coverage to employees increases their productivity and saves business owners money. Small business dental plans are good for recruiting purposes, increasing your business’s bottom line and more!

The Benefits of Healthy Employees

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 164 million hours of work are lost every year for dentist appointments or other oral health problems. When you remind your employees about the link between their oral and overall health, you’re encouraging them to make their wellness a priority. This leads to preventive care and avoiding more serious oral and overall health concerns in the future.

By encouraging preventive care and offering dental benefits in your small business, you can lessen the costs of employees’ basic or major procedures down the line. When employees visit the dentist to keep their oral wellness in check, they’re lowering their risk for other diseases. Additionally, employees are taking the opportunity to get in front of a healthcare professional who can screen them for other potential health risks.

Beyond Just Oral Health

Dentists are providing additional screenings to patients for blood pressure, sleep apnea, and heart disease, and the benefits are already proven. In one study where dentists screened patients for high blood pressure, 1 in 18 patients were diagnosed with hypertension.

“We can actually help people manage chronic medical conditions that might have an impact on things like blood pressure, heart attacks, obesity and strokes — all kinds of things that we don’t normally get a chance to see an effect of from our dental practice,” said Steve Carstensen, DDS, during a lecture on sleep disorders.

Reaping the benefits of healthy employees starts with educating them on the importance of visiting the dentist. Establishing the connection between oral and overall health is a great place to focus first.

Why Small Business Dental Plans Benefit You

It’s important when considering small business dental plans to educate yourself on what your employees want.

A survey conducted by the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) found that people were willing to pay higher monthly premiums for more dental coverage. Employees expect coverage for all their dental needs – not just preventive care - despite whether or not they have a healthy smile. Employees are more interested in added comprehensive dental coverage than cost savings. Remember this when choosing small business dental plans for your team.

Choosing Your Small Business Dental Plans

Visit our employer section online to start collecting information on small business dental plans. Contact us if you have any questions along the way.

Corporate wellness programs keep healthful habits top of mind for employees while at work. It can also start healthy competition among co-workers. Cooking demonstrations, steps-a-day challenges, incentives, and more are popular ways to encourage thinking and living with wellness in mind.

Healthy employees are beneficial to your bottom line, so continue to encourage healthy habits and preventive care!

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