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Dental Care Benefits for Everyone

Dental coverage is smart for you as an employer and smart for your employees and their families. It contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of your employees, improving attendance and productivity. And, research shows that 79% of Americans consider dental benefits to be extremely important.

Delta Dental of Iowa is the proven, leading choice for dental benefits. The reasons why are many — starting with outstanding coverage, affordable rates and the largest provider network in both Iowa and the U.S. We’re a different kind of insurance company — wellness is our top priority, so we focus on your long-term health and actually encourage people to use their benefits to prevent health issues later.

From Iowa-based service to the community commitment of our Foundation, it’s easy to see why Delta Dental is the insurer of choice for Iowa employers.

No Surprises. No Regrets.                                        

For businesses with 50 or fewer employees, it can be a challenge to balance the dental care needs of your staff with the budget needs of your business. Count on plans from Delta Dental of Iowa to offer consistent year-to-year pricing so you can budget with confidence. With plans built on the latest medical science, along with the largest provider network, we can keep your costs down while helping you provide your employees with outstanding dental care.

Choices That Fit Your Business                                              

Whatever you need, Delta Dental gives you the flexibility to match a plan to the needs of your employees and your budget. Small group plans are available with and without the pediatric dental essential health benefit required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). There’s no waiting period, so your employees can use their benefits from day one.