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Do you have a High Turnover Rate? A Benefits Plan Helps!

By Jill Feilmeier on March 13, 2012 in Insurance

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Whether you are a new entrepreneur or have owned your own business for years, you know that attracting and maintaining great employees is essential to your business. Good employees bring new, fresh ideas and give you a resource to get feedback on your ideas. They help with the smaller details of the business, allowing you to focus more time and effort on expanding and marketing your business.

Many employers will tell you that the hardest part of this process is finding the right fit for your business. While this is true, many also tend to think the hardest part is proving to this “perfect fit” the reasons why working for your business is the best choice for them. It is darn near impossible to keep good employees at your business without a good life and health benefit plans. It’s a hard choice for a new business to decide whether they want to have higher profits or retain great employees. With healthcare costs on the rise, a good benefit plan is essential to many prospective employees.

While health insurance could prove to be very costly, offering dental and vision insurance could be two benefits you can afford to add to your plan for little or no cost to your company. Delta Dental of Iowa offers a voluntary group plan that would allow your employees to receive dental and vision benefits at no cost to your business.

While offering benefits to your employees may generate a lower turnover rate, it is also important to make employees feel appreciated and respected in the work environment. If you nail down these suggestions early, I think you will have very loyal and content employees!

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