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5 Ways to Help Your Employees Prepare for Open Enrollment

Posted on August 31, 2023 in Insurance

Discover key business strategies to engage employees in choosing the right dental and vision insuran

Open enrollment season is right around the corner! Are you considering how you could start preparing people now? For employees, open enrollment is a time to secure the essential coverages they need for their families, including medical, dental and vision benefits. Here are five ways you can help employees as they prepare for important open enrollment decisions.

1. Communicate Early and Often

Engaging employees in benefits conversations is important for a successful open enrollment. Proactively communicating gives employees the time to research options, ask questions, and understand how benefits may impact them. Employers can use several communication channels to spread the word; try emails, handouts and webinars.

2. Offer Educational Resources

Equipping employees with materials about their benefit options is always recommended. These resources should help define complex terms and provide comparison charts so employees can make more informed decisions

Here are a few helpful resources for dental and vision insurance decisions:

3. Highlight the Value of Benefits

Employees may be surprised to learn that benefits make up around 30% of their total compensation. Consider providing a total compensation statement for employees, including all elements of compensation, such as benefits and incentive programs. If possible, have employees share with others how benefits have helped them personally. These real-life examples will show employees how benefits and incentive programs could also help them.

4. Provide Personalized Support

Employees may have unique needs that general guidance does not fit. Providing one-on-one support through helplines or HR consultations can address these employee concerns, increase trust, and build inclusivity in the process.

5. Follow Benefit Trends

The benefits landscape is changing, and one thing employers must do is understand how benefit trends may impact their employees. In 2023, benefits have gone beyond traditional offerings to focus on overall employee wellness. Beyond physical health, overall well-being also encompasses many things like emotional, financial, career, and social health.

If you are willing to adjust your benefit offerings, you may find opportunities to improve employee retention and appeal to a broader group of job applicants.

Now is the time to communicate, educate, and support your team as you approach open enrollment together. Take advantage of this time to strengthen employee well-being and job satisfaction.

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