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Adult Coloring for Kids at Heart + PRINTABLE PAGES!

Posted on August 30, 2016 in Just for Kicks

Fanny packs and Crystal Pepsi aren't the only things making a comeback. Coloring books are back—but in a grown-up way. And these new bestselling books are drawing attention. 12 million adult coloring books sold in the last year alone, according to Nielson.

Get ready to scribble and smile, amateur artists: We have some printable pages for your colored pencil pleasure. But before you fill in the lines, learn how coloring can benefit y-o-u:

1. Soothes Stress
Adult coloring removes focus from stressful feelings and re-centers them in a productive and positive way.

2. Alleviates Anxiety
Like coloring, fear of the dentist isn't just for kids. 20% of adults experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. Anxiety levels dropped when adults began coloring, according to a 2005 study. Dentists and doctors are even adding pages to their waiting rooms, in hopes of calming patients.

3. Spreads Smiles
Though no formal studies have been conducted, coloring enthusiasts claim that coloring makes them feel happier and mentally clearer.

Pick up your crayons and print out these free coloring pages!

Pick up your crayons and print out these free coloring pages!