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DIY Tooth Fairy Garden

By Caroline Jacobson on September 26, 2017 in Just for Kicks

Short on Tooth Fairy ideas? Here’s a new one to try: Fairy gardens are hot in the DIY domain—at least according to Pinterest. So why not make one inspired by your favorite tooth collector? Gardening can benefit your smile, so get outside and bring some mini-magic to your backyard! These Tooth Fairy garden images show you everything you need to make your very own magical mecca! 

Gather your materials!

gather materials

You’ll need a flower pot, potting mix, and the flowers of your choice. Since your tiny garden will be Tooth Fairy-specific, make sure to add a fairy-specific door! The rest is up to you. Wander the aisles of your favorite craft store in search of magical materials. We chose mini-mirrors, moss, sea glass, stones, and pinwheels (for extra pizzazz).

Here’s a hint—shop small.

bench and tooth fairy garden tools

Go to the miniatures/doll house section of the craft store. We found our wooden door, pint-sized gardening tools, and other adorable additions! Before you assemble your garden, paint your door.


Use your favorite acrylic paint colors to decorate your door. We painted our door purple, the trim white, and then added a tooth at the very end.

tooth fairy garden door

Prep your pot!

prep your pot

While your door is drying, fill your pot with potter’s mix until it’s about 2/3 full.

Add the flowers.

pot with flowers

Once you’ve positioned your flowers in the perfect spot, fill the pot to the top. Get creative! Experiment with different items. We added moss for texture and made a path using stones and mirrors.

bench and flowers

stones closeup

tools closeup


Add the door for the finishing fairy touch.

door closeup

finished tooth fairy garden

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