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Take Your Best Vacation Photos

By Jill Feilmeier on June 3, 2014 in Just for Kicks

Little boy on the back of his big brother

Nothing is more special than returning from a relaxing vacation with hundreds of photos to look back on. But uncomfortable poses and less-than-genuine smiles can taint otherwise perfect pictures. Say goodbye to awkward vacation photos with these tips.

Show some polish.
Schedule an appointment with your dentist for a good cleaning and polishing a few days before your trip. Not only will the TLC make teeth gleam, it will make you feel confident about flashing those pearly whites for the photographer. Confidence definitely shows in photos.

Lighten up.
You may benefit from teeth whitening, especially if you've experienced any discoloration from habits like drinking coffee or smoking. Chat with your dentist to see if this is a good option for you.

Don't fake it.
Genuine smiles always photograph better than phony ones, so know how to coax the real thing from your family. Two tips from the pros: think of a loved one or something funny. Both will help bring out happiness in the eyes, which is a sign of a “real” smile. A joke can also bring out genuine grins right before the picture is taken.

Get comfy.
It may sound odd, but practice producing a genuine smile on command. Figure out what kind of smile works best: open mouth, closed mouth, slight smile or ear-to-ear grin. Then practice the smile without a mirror to understand what it feels like. After a couple of tries, it will be a piece of cake to recreate that grin.

The happier and more relaxed you are in pictures (you should be relaxed on vacation!), the better the photos will be.

Do you have any vacation photo tips? Leave them in the comments.