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What Your Old Toothbrush Can Do For You (and the planet)

By Jill Feilmeier on April 21, 2015 in Just for Kicks

What the Toothbrush Can Do for You and the Planet

Some items are easy to recycle: Old books make great additions to your local school. Hand-me-downs can be given to a neighbor or youngest child. Glass bottles make delightful DIYs.

 What about old toothbrushes? While we wouldn't recommend giving them to anyone at Thursday night book club, we do have a few (sanitary) ideas.

By reusing old toothbrushes, you are saving energy, preventing pollution and more. So do your part for Mother Earth! These dental hacks will benefit the planet and Y-O-U.

Here's how your old toothbrush can help you…

Look good!

image via Elizabeth Griffin

Who knew your old toothbrush could be your best-kept beauty secret? Your brush works hard for your pearly whites. Once the bristles fray, it's time for your toothbrush to make the rest of you sparkle.

For a flawless-face free of flyaways, spray bristles with hairspray and gently wipe at your hairline. You can also use the same method to groom unruly eyebrows.

Your toothbrush is a great exfoliator, too! Apply your favorite moisturizing balm to your lips and then gently scrub off dead skin. Last step: celebrate your soft and silky lips!

 Tidy up.

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The military used to make soldiers clean bathroom floors with old toothbrushes. While we respect the soldiers' earth-friendly punishment, our toothbrush cleaning routine is all about reaching those nooks and crannies. The possibilities are endless: appliances, windowsills, keyboards, grout, shoe soles and even your hairdryer. And please – save your Swiffer for the floor. 

Bring out your inner Jackson Pollock.

image via

Toothbrushes make unique interpretive art instruments. Bust out a white canvas, gather old toothbrushes and pick your favorite acrylic paint colors. Drip, flick and drizzle until you get a mantle-worthy masterpiece.

And there you have it! You're making the world a better place…one old toothbrush at a time.

Do you have more ways to make less waste? Share your re-usable hacks in the comments section.