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You're Hired – 3 ways independent contractors can make a great first impression…

By Jill Feilmeier on January 25, 2012 in Just for Kicks

Business meeting

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” at least that is what Head and Shoulders tells us.  Within the first few seconds of meeting someone you are judged on your appearance, body language and demeanor. 

As an independent contractor, you are really marketing yourself.  Whether you are pitching your start-up to investors or meeting a prospective client, a good start to making a memorable impression is a great smile, good eye contact and a handshake.

  1. A sincere smile – There is nothing like a smile to establish a good first impression.  Your smile may be saying something that you aren't aware of before you've even had a chance to say a word. According to a poll conducted on the behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry confirmed that a good-looking smile can give you a sizeable advantage in your professional and social life. In fact, the same poll found that a good smile could make you be perceived as being more intelligent, interesting, successful, and wealthy to others. 
  2. Good eye contact – With good eye contact you establish power, authority and presence.  Direct eye contact will convey trustworthiness and confidence.  Don’t let your eyes wander. When you look at someone straight into their eyes, you are showing them that you are being genuine.
  3. Confident handshake – No matter who you met for the first time, you almost always shake hands.  Remember, your handshake should be firm but not too firm.  And it is never a good idea to give the “limp fish” handshake.  A good handshake goes a long way.  

So the next time you have to market yourself try these simple, yet effective tips!  Remember, an attractive smile is even better when it's a healthy smile, so don't neglect those dental cleanings every 6-months.  Most dental insurance plans cover cleanings and screenings at little or no cost for you.  Check out Delta Dental's individual insurance plans at