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Brush, Brush, and Brush – Teaching Your Kids the Consequences

By Jill Feilmeier on March 27, 2012 in Kid's Health

Little girl sittin in dentist chair

Growing up, kids usually don't understand the consequences of putting their bodies in danger. For example, a child could scrape his knee climbing a tree and Mom or Dad puts a band-aid on them.  Two minutes later that same child, who thought the world was ending because of the scrape, is climbing right back up that tree.

To a kid, pain is temporary. As they fall over and over, they slowly learn pain is not enjoyable. And soon, a child will be old enough to understand what actions to avoid in order to be pain free.

The same could be said for other activities such as brushing. For most children, well maybe all children, brushing may not be a priority. Children hardly understand the consequences of poor oral hygiene. They see a dentist twice a year but have to brush their teeth twice a day? “What kind of deal am I getting here?” a child may think. Not until the child develops their first cavity will they understand cavities are not cool.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your children the wisdom you have acquired through your years. Teach your child when they are young the consequences of bad oral health. The consequences go way beyond cavities. Bad oral health contributes to disease development. Did you know there is a link between gum disease and diabetes?

If not, now you do! Teaching your child proper oral health habits now, can contribute to the prevention of your child developing diabetes. Diabetics have a higher rate of developing gum disease and those with gum disease have a higher chance of developing diabetes. In order to protect your child, teach them well!

Today is American Diabetes Alert Day. Below is a link you can follow to take a short one minute quiz to determine if you are at risk for developing diabetes. It is very important to understand your risk and help your child understand how they can prevent diabetes in the future as well.