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Lead By Example Dad – Happy Father's Day

By Jill Feilmeier on June 6, 2013 in Kid's Health

Dad holding his son while his son smiles

Being Just Like Dad Includes Daily Oral Health Care

They have your nose, follow your every step, and even cheer for your favorite team. Your little ones want to be just like you. As Father's Day approaches, now is a good time to remind all parents that your everyday routines can have a big influence on your little ones.

This influence comes in handy when it comes to your child's smile.

Children aren't born with the knowledge that they need to brush their teeth and floss every night. They learn from their parents how important it is to keep their mouth clean and cavity free. When you put an importance on oral health from a young age by cleaning an infant's gums every night or by brushing your toddler's 4 teeth, you teach them that this behavior must continue into their adulthood.

Leading by example can be difficult for parents, as we are all human and make mistakes. It is very important to remember that your actions today could turn into your child's actions 10 years from now! Going to bed without brushing your teeth once or twice a week could lead your child to believe this is okay and your child could be plagued by cavities their entire lives.

Teaching your child good behaviors when they are young will benefit you throughout your time as parent and give them a lifetime of smiles.

We hope you all have a Happy Father's Day!