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Delta Dental Protects Your Eyes with DeltaVision® Coverage

Posted on January 28, 2020 in Vision Health

Learn about why we provide vision coverage - and why eye exams matter even if you don’t wear glasses

Millions of Americans deal with eye-related diseases, impairments, and injuries. At Delta Dental of Iowa, we can help with that with employer-sponsored vision plans as well as individual plans. 

Many see Delta Dental only as their dental benefits provider. But, we also offer insurance plans to help cover your vision care costs through our DeltaVision® plans. Providing comprehensive vision benefits gets us closer to our goal of supporting your overall health.

Vision disorders are actually the second-most prevalent health condition in the U.S. Chances are, you or someone you know is in need of vision correction, proving vision insurance is just as important as medical or dental. When you select DeltaVision, you’ll be able to access great vision benefits along with savings for your vision care needs.

Vision Care Can Impact Overall Health

What if your vision is fine? Do you still need vision coverage? Just like dental benefits, our vision benefits allow our members to maintain preventive care. That means that our vision benefits make it easier for you to get regular eye exams, which help recognize any developing eye problems to prevent your vision health from getting worse. 

Our eyesight changes all the time. Even if you’ve never had glasses, you may develop a need for them at some point in life. There are also reasons to visit the eye doctor that are not directly related to our vision. Regular eye exams can help a doctor spot a health problem sooner. During an eye exam, your doctor can detect:

How Vision Coverage Makes Eye Care Easy

DeltaVision coverage makes it easy to care for your vision, find an eye doctor, and make an appointment. Our network has more than 88,000 providers at over 27,000 locations nationwide. 

We partner with popular providers like LensCrafters® and Target Optical℠ in addition to many smaller, independent doctors. These retailers offer conveniences such as multiple locations and extended hours to help members get the service they need, when they need it.

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