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It’s Clear to See the Benefits of Eye Protection when Participating in Sports

Posted on September 25, 2018 in Vision Health

Girl swimming with goggles

Have you ever attended a basketball game where the action was halted because a contact lens was lost on the floor due to a poke in the eye? Or a player left the game for stitches due to smashed eyeglasses? It wasn’t that long ago that athletes would wear their eyeglasses with a “sports strap” to secure their glasses during activities and that was the extent of eye protection. Thankfully, today there are alternatives like sports safety glasses/goggles or eyeguards that are safer, more comfortable and provide much better protection against eye injuries.

Would you be surprised to know that more than 30,000 sports-related eye injuries occurred in 2017? According to Prevent Blindness America, it’s a fact. The good news is that safety glasses are becoming more prevalent so if you or your child needs to wear them, you probably won’t be the only one sporting the latest in eye protection. In fact, The Vision Council reports that about 75 percent of adults in the U.S. wear corrective lenses while one in four children under 18 use glasses or contacts to correct their vision.

Water sports/pool activities and basketball are the two most highly reported sports for eye injuries. But incidents can and do occur in almost any recreational activity you can imagine.

It’s important to research the right kind of eye protection for your eyes. The right type of lens and frame should be fitted for the size, age and type of sport you or your child is playing. In addition, faceguards and helmets are recommended for many sports to provide greater protection against orofacial (mouth, jaws, face) injuries. 

Talk to your optometrist for more information on options to protect your eyes while you or your child enjoy your favorite sporting activity.

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