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What Your Optometrist Can Do for You

Posted on February 26, 2021 in Vision Health

Just as seeing your doctor for a physical is important to your body, it's crucial to visit your spec

Just as seeing your doctor for a physical is important to your body, it's crucial to visit your specialists like dentists and optometrists, to discuss potential health problems. Regular check-ups are a great way to stay on top of your wellbeing and make sure you are fully in tune with your health status. There are several benefits to seeing your optometrist that go far beyond simply identifying issues related to seeing the world around you.

Vision Exams for Overall Health

A vision exam can locate several unknown health problems that may not be obviousto the naked eye. Serious conditions such as diabetes, lupus and high blood pressure are just a few of the issues that a routine eye exam can uncover. Blood vessels in your eye can be excellent indicators of how blood vessels look in other parts of your body. Early detection of issues is another benefit of seeing your eye doctor, as some problems can worsen if ignored and may even become irreversible. Detecting these issues is the first step to solving them, and that can only occur if you keep up with your appointments to your optometrist.

Vision Exams as Preventive Care

Many eye diseases begin without symptoms, meaning it’s crucial to have a professional, like an optometrist, evaluate you. Just the same, many eye issues can be corrected when treated at an early stage; also, waiting too long can cause serious problems such as blindness. Eye exams are their own insurance - handling issues that come up in advance can save you money later by keeping the issue manageable.

Vision Exams for A+ Students

Did you know kids can benefit academically from seeing an optometrist? It’s true - checking up on your child’s eye health can actually improve their performance in school! Research has shown that 80% of what a student absorbs in the classroom requires good vision. Removing the problem of struggling to see screens and boards keeps children focused on what is important at school, learning. Good grades are surely something all parents would love to see clearly! Additionally, poor childhood vision isn’t something that resolves itself. In fact, it is a problem that, if left untreated, will make its way into their adult experience.

We use our eyes daily and may not notice the subtle changes taking place in them. Whether you have been straining more with increased screen use, or are just in the business of keeping yourself healthy and informed about your body, be sure to schedule that visit you may have been putting off with your optometrist. In the same way seeing your dentist for a routine cleaning can reveal so much more, eye exams can add another layer of protection. Not only can they uncover the obstacles affecting your vision, but they can also find other health problems that could potentially save your life.

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