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Marketing Ideas for Dental Offices

Posted on March 27, 2018 in Clinic and Provider Tips

Marketing Ideas for Dental Offices

Owning your own practice is the ultimate multitasking test. Between keeping your staff and patients happy, a communications strategy is probably low on your list. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of marketing ideas for dental offices:

Utilize Social Media

Social media is an effective way to reach potential and current clients and to participate in industry news and innovations.

Engage Patients
Engage your current patients with educational content like oral health tips and smile-friendly recipes. You’ll increase your social footprint and make your patients advocates of your practice. Check out our blog for oral health information and tips, healthy recipes and fun crafts. It is easy to repost our blogs to any of your social media channels.

Find New Patients
If expanding your dental practice is at the top of your goal list, consider social media. This affordable medium features specific advertising targeting capabilities with various result options—such as calls, traffic and conversions.

Demonstrate Thought Leadership
Being a thought leader establishes your dental office as a reputable source in the dental industry, an important quality to potential patients. Post dental news and participate in industry Twitter Chats and Facebook Live opportunities.

Optimize Your Search Ranking

Claim Your Google “My Business” Page
This is important to do for people who search for dentists either on Google Maps or on search, as it helps establish which practices are closest to them.

Use Keywords
Include important information such as your practice’s name, dentists’ names, address, contact information and specific location information on your website.

Trusted Referrals

As a dentist, you know the powerful connection between oral health and overall health. Connecting with local doctors for their recommendation can be a powerful patient-recruiting tool. This will require relationship building and networking. Make sure to get recommendations from dental specialists too—such as oral surgeons and orthodontists.

Do you have marketing ideas for dental offices you want to share? Share your thoughts below!